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Citrix case study

See how the Citrix team uses Noteninja. runtime:(1:06)
Noteninja Customers Noteninja Customers
Scott Wilson

Accubuild – COO

We are extremely please with Noteninja and the Noteninja team. Now, we operate more efficiently and effectively with our internal and external stakeholders.
Casey Altieri

ChurnZero – Account Executive

Noteninja has become an integral part of our sales process that I can’t live without.
Chase Tinkham

ChurnZero – Account Executive

Noteninja has been a game changer for me. The results are immediate, the support is phenomenal, and the product works.
Sam McDaniel

Citrix – Corporate Sales Consultant

You have no idea how happy I am that you guys exist.
Donna Sanbord

Dude Solutions – Sales Enablement Manager

Now recordings are housed in the same place and recordings are searchable by key word. Noteninja is changing the way we operate internally and will allow us to serve our customers more effectively.
Matt Guttu

Pathgather – Director, Strategic Accounts

Noteninja has been invaluable to our team in being able to better understand our clients’ needs, share insights, give coaching, and accelerate deals.
Bill Kuehler

ResourceHero – Founder

Not only can my team seamlessly take and collaborate on notes during a call, but we are able to go back to review and update our notes while viewing them in context with a live recording.
Scott Britton

Troops – Co-Founder

Noteninja has been a gamechanger for coaching up reps, speeding up onboarding, and helping us win new business. It does exactly what I need it to, and helps make our entire company more customer centric.
Alfonso Torralbo

Yieldr – VP, Sales

Noteninja has allowed us to improve all of our training and onboarding processes with both employees and new customers.
Dustin Joost

YourCause – VP, Sales and Marketing

What’s most unique about Noteninja is the people who are driving its innovation. The Noteninja team is building a technology that will truly empower sales teams.