At the end of the day, sales is still a human interaction. Our mission is to enable sellers to offer the best customer experience.


Sales reps now easily review and examine their own "game film" to continue improving their sales process or help their team members provide feedback and support.

Onboarding & Training

Sales leaders scalably train and onboard using "game film". With more resources, managers can build custom libraries to retain key moments to share and learn from.


Sales conversations offer so much information for your entire org. Share snippets of demos to marketing, customer success, or product for a better customer experience.

“This might be the greatest invention for demos I’ve ever seen. I’m not sure how I lived without it before.”

– Spencer Hall, Leanplum

How it works

Noteninja easily integrates with your calendar application, your screen sharing tool, and CRM to automatically record your sales calls and demos. Our platform transcribes and converts each conversation into an enriched asset to share, search, and annotate.
01 - Record

01 - Record

Auto-join sales calls
and demos as a meeting
attendee via GCal or Office365

02 - Transcribe

02 - Transcribe

Search for keywords like “pricing”
or “competitor” to hop to important
areas on calls

03 - Interact

03 - Interact

Comment on a play-by-play
of a call or demo

04 - Share

04 - Share

Share internally and externally
for greater communication around
sales strategy

See it in action! We are excited to chat with you!

We love helping our customers provide an amazing experience to their prospects and clients throughout the buyer's journey. By capturing and retaining their customer interactions, our customers can more easily learn their customer's needs, retain patterns of success, and deliver the best value.

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