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How Noteninja Works

Get up and running in a few minutes...


Automatically capture all meetings using AI. Noteninja transcribes, tags, and annotates voices. It's like magic!

Connect your calendar and let us do the rest. Our bot sees your upcoming meetings and it shows up on time, every time


Use AI to get through hour long meetings in under 5 minutes, focusing in on the moments of truth.

No longer do you have to click around a meeting aimlessly looking for the right spot. Save time and quickly hone in on the moments that matter for you and your team.


Easily share insights back to the coworkers, up to management, or across the company so anyone can hear and review that much needed information.

Let's face it. Lots of great stuff comes up during meetings that you wish you could share with others. Now they don't have to take your word for it. It's game film for meetings!

Example: Sales teams

You have so many important conversations, it’s too much to expect people to remember everything that happens all the time. Now you can easily find, replay and share all of the crucial moments and insights.

Ramp reps twice as fast

Provide new hires with the best game-film from your top sales executives

Understand your reps better

Hone in on and tweak key differences during calls

Share live footage with your company

Pass on the whole context of objections and feature requests from customers

Clone your top talent

Zero in on the key differentiators that make your top reps successful